Relevant links

For NIVA’s project description on DomQua, please visit

Relevant meetings

Stakeholder organizations

  • The International Water Association IWA
  • Norsk Vann, Norwegian Stakeholder organization for drinking water and wastewater
  • Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA)
  • The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association, SWWA
  • Oslo Water and Sewerage Works and Oset Water treatment plant
  • Uppsala Vattn og Avfall
  • Livsmedelverket
  • HSY in Helsinki is a regional authority that provides water services and waste management services and produces information about the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the environment. HSY helps people act for a better environment.

Research links

  • The climate monitoring station Langtjern in southeast Norway presents realtime data of sensors in lakes, streams and soil and a weather station
  • The Color of Water is a Swedish research programme with a focus on dissolved organic matter in surface waters, interplay with climate and consequences for drinking water supply
  • In Germany, a similar project as DomQua has started up with the name TALKO, see their homepage.

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